2022 - ongoing

Graduation project 2023

Superbia invites the viewer to observe themselves from unexpected viewing points. The observer becomes the observed. The act of being transparent and showcasing ourselves online, which has become the new norm, has (in my opinion) a profound impact on our identities. By broadcasting our lives on social media platforms, we try to grasp a sense of control over this self-presentation. However, this curated self raises my concerns about the authenticity of our identity. Online platforms like Instagram and Facebook have become commercialized and don’t leave space for authentic and diverse self exploration. With this artwork I want to offer the audience a new view upon themselves, a view they can’t have any control over.

The narrative of my participatory installation is divided across five watch-boxes, spread througout the exhibition space. The total watch length of the installation is approximately fifteen minutes. For the full written texts, navigate to the link below.

view texts here