Charlie Jansen (b. 2000) visual artist, based in Breda, The Netherlands

I make my work to translate my perspective of the world into experiences. My interest in human characteristics, behavioral patterns, and interactions serves as the foundation for my participatory installations. I research themes such as image consumption, identity development, surveillance capitalism; the online market for gathering and reselling information about internet users. In my work I incorporate these concepts by playing with observation and manipulation of the viewer’s behavior.

I utilize media such as photography, film, sculpture, audio, and text. I enjoy working with my hands and incorporating materials like wood and metal in my sculptures. When these physical components blend with, for example, film, it produces an intriguing combination of the tangible and digital aspects. This combination enriches the immersive nature of the participatory installations, introducing an extra depth to the overall engagement with the audience. By stimulating the viewer’s senses on multiple levels, they are drawn deeper into the artwork. I involve the viewer in my work to make them not only spectators but also performers within their own interpretation of the artwork.

photo by Sacha van Mil (2023)

2019-2023 / Photography and Film BA, St. Joost School of Art & Design, Breda
2021-2022 / Liberal Arts, ArtEZ, Zwolle

2023 / Graduation St. Joost School of Art & Design: Now show, Breda
2023 / Filling the Void, The Grey Space, Den Haag
2022 / STROOM, Van Otten Garage, Breda
2021 / Within Bodies and Bytes, St. Joost School of Art & Design, Breda

2022 / Assistent artist Oscar Peters, Coöperatie Het Domijn, Weesp

2022 / Co-orginazor Framing the Now, St. Joost School of Art & Design, Breda